My name is Matthew Whittington. I am a husband and father of four that has lived in the Austin area for almost two decades. We moved to Cedar Park in 2008 due to the arrival of our fourth child. I was a Ron Paul supporter while associated with the Republican Party, but do not believe the party in this state has any intention to change from within. The Libertarian Party is much closer to the small government personal freedom ideals that the Republican Party attempts to present itself as.


As your Senator, I will stand for your property rights over big business and the environmentalists. Where the state should be spending money, I will insist on incentivizing excellence instead of spending increasing amounts of money on the status quo just to appear to be ‘doing something’.

I support obstructionist policies towards unconstitutional Federal actions.

I support an end to the abuses caused by the war on drugs.

I support ending civil asset forfeiture. In the best case, it is theft.  In the worst, it is incentivizing corruption.

I believe concealing the second amendment is unconstitutional and support constitutional carry.

I am asking for your vote.

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